The Company 

What we do:  B&CO is a provider of opinion research like polling, message testing, and campaign efficacy studies.

Who we do it for: Our company provides opinion research services for organizations that want to change public opinion to win elections and advance issues.

What makes us different: The right combination of experience and innovation. We have the know-how that comes from decades of experience working with large campaigns, non-profits, brands, and agencies. And we balance that experience with the creativity needed to find the right project design that fits your needs. 




Don Burrell, Founder

With over 32 years of experience in the political and public affairs markets, Don founded the firm in 1992 with an emphasis on providing research and marketing services. Since then he has served hundreds of happy customers. A Tennessee Grad and Marine, Don lives in Atlanta with his wife, Carol. Don has 5 children and 5 grandchildren.


David Burrell, Partner

 David Joined the firm in 2009, and over the last decade has conducted hundreds of polling, message testing, and campaign efficacy research projects. David graduated from the University of Georgia. Heand his wife Monica live in Atlanta. They have 2 boys, Shepherd and Bear.


Chris De Ved, Partner

Chris joined the firm in 2013 to help develop and test new ways to perform and analyze surveys. As a result of Chris's experience with the technology and data, B&CO has become one of the most agile providers of multi-mode survey solutions. Chris graduated from the University of Georgia. He lives in Atlanta, Ga with his wife, Christi and their 1 year old, Jack.

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